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Thank you for your desire to join us in our efforts to fight hunger, poverty, malnutrition and the spread of diseases. Thank you for your time, energy, passion and resources. Your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated. YOU can help make a difference and touch so many lives in our country Nigeria and around the globe when volunteering at So Others May Eat Foundation (SOME)

Become A Volunteer

Whether you’re a group or individual there are many opportunities to volunteer. SOME Volunteers are a set of passionate individuals who are committed towards the Organization’s projects by donating their time, talents and treasures (money, food items, services etc.) towards a common goal without being paid. We have different programs and different ways in which you can volunteer. We invite you to visit our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, LinkedIn and Twitter) for more information.

Volunteering at SOME FOUNDATION is a great team-building experience and can be categorized into the following depending on how you want to render your time and services:

Volunteer Opportunities:                                                                                            

  1. Special Programs: We have two special programs, SOFT (SOME FOOD KITCHEN) intervention for vulnerable mothers & children). We work with Primary health care centers within the community to enroll beneficiaries who are mostly children and pregnant women.

    The second program is SOCHEE (SOME SCHOOL FEEDING) that is targeted at food insecure students in low-cost public schools, primary and secondary schools alike as well as private schools across Nigeria. Although the above mentioned programs require medical professionals such as nutritionists and dieticians, we do need regular volunteers who will assist the medical professionals with beneficiary engagement, data collection, monitoring and evaluating the data collected from beneficiaries (data such as BMI, weight, height, vital signs e.t.c). Activities that involve SOCHEE program will also require assistance of volunteers for school inspection, monitoring and evaluation.


  2. Community Outreaches: We reach out to slum communities to serve hungry children and families. These community outreaches are done every last Saturday of the month. As the event draws closer, you will be sent an invitation which will require you to confirm your attendance. We have a variety of volunteer tasks available from clothes sorting, water packaging,
    packaging of cooked and raw foods which are mostly performed during our community outreach preparation days. We also have Mobile Food Pantry and Walk-Ins.

  3. Office administration: These activities include, fundraising, food sourcing, research, social media, graphic design, videography, photography, volunteer management and engagement, communication designs, nutritionist, to name a few. If you would like to take the career path in volunteering, you can also apply to volunteer full-time.

  4. SOME Food Bank Champions: You can also volunteer as a SOME FOUNDATION Champion. SOME Champions are individuals who want to fight hunger, reduce food wastage, solve the epidemic of malnutrition and stop the spread of diseases. The aim of a Champion is to help raise funds. These funds are used to run our outreaches and special programs.
    You can visit our webpage and follow us on all social media platforms for updates on all our programs.

Note: You have to be a registered volunteer in order to participate in any of our programs or events. Kindly click here to register.

Required Volunteering Hours:

  • SOME FOUNDATION awards community service Certificate to volunteers who have successfully completed 50hrs of community service with SOME.
  • If needed, SOME may provide a temporary document confirming volunteer hours of community service to volunteers who have completed over 60% of the mandatory 50hrs pending issuance of SOME community service certificate. How to register to become a Volunteer: Fill out the volunteer registration online form to get started. Once filled and submitted, an on-boarding confirmation email will be sent to your registered email. Further information on the volunteering procedures and volunteer guidelines will be sent to your registered email as part of the on-boarding process.
  • If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact via email or call any of these numbers 08037368979 or 09020500499.


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